We are looking for outgoing, creative self-starters with a high passion for beauty and the ambition to network for MakeupWithClass! As a Beauty Ambassador for MakeupWithClass, you will have exclusive access to MakeupWithClass to test products, share products, and apply products. You will also receive makeup – Gratis! As the spokesperson for our brand, you will also be featured on our website.

Why Join Us “MakeupWithClass”?

1. MakeupWithClass has partnered with leading cosmetics brands and we are growing!
2. You will gain exposure!
3. MakeupWithClass offers high-quality products at an affordable value!
4. MakeupWithClass will develop your talent.
5. MakeupWithClass is fun, trendy, and glamorous!
6. Receive free Makeup Artist Training.

If Makeup is your passion, why wait, join us today!

What does a “MakeupWithClass” beauty ambassador do?

1. You will help spread our message through social media, word of mouth, beauty events, and any other outlet that you may discover.
2. You will be given exclusive access codes to share with your family and friends!
3. You will be sent products to sample and share through demonstration and education.
4. You will have direct access with us for any questions, ideas, or concerns.
5. Work with other Beauty Ambassadors in your area at community events

The Ideal “MakeupWithClass” Beauty Ambassador:

•    Stylish
•    Updated on beauty trends
•    Enthusiastic, motivated, and sales-driven
•    Loves meeting new people, and is a future business owner
•    Is great at planning and bringing people together – has a strong attention to detail
•    Sets goals and consistently works hard to achieve them
•    Great with in-person and online marketing and promotions